Sunday, February 22, 2009

Microsoft to "Elevate America"

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) announced a new initiative, Elevate America, with the objective of providing technology training for up to 2 million people over the next three years.

"Elevate America has two main offerings, one available immediately and one that will be provided in partnership with state governments including those of Florida, New York and Washington.

A new online resource, located at, is available today. This new Web site helps individuals understand what types of technical skills they need for the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities of today and tomorrow, and resources to help acquire these skills. The Web site provides access to several Microsoft online training programs, including how to use the Internet, send e-mail and create a résumé, as well as more advanced programs on using specific Microsoft applications."

Should the job market open up, those who have been able to take advantage of these opportunities will have a better chance in the marketplace.


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