Thursday, February 19, 2009

Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles Moving

Microsoft is moving the Knowledge Base (KB) articles from to MSDN and TechNet. The move will more closely associate the KB articles with the technical documentation in MSDN and TechNet. The pilot launch has begun with the remainder scheduled to be completed by the end of the month.

Security/hotfix articles will apparently not be moved to MSDN and TechNet during this wave but are planned to be relocated at a later time.

In the event you regularly search the KB articles, note the change in syntax, as reported in the comments by Chris:

"...the fine print on the site scoping.

will scope down to just searching the KBs.

WRT being able to just type in "URL/", and get the article you want, you will still be able to this, with a slight modification to the numbering schema to support KB article numbers beyond 999,999.

They will be:



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Unknown said...

Interesting to note, however I usually find much better results searching Microsoft support with Google anyway: " {searchterm}" nearly always returns more relevant results than Microsoft's own site search!

Corrine said...

Sad but true!