Thursday, February 05, 2009

Microsoft Listens! Windows 7 UAC Changes

Within hours of Jon DeVaan's posting the Update on UAC in the Engineering Windows 7 blog, a joint posting by Jon and Steven Sinofsky was published announcing two changes to the RC (Release Candidate) of Windows 7:
  1. The UAC Control Panel will run in a high integrity process, which requires elevation.
  2. Changing the UAC setting (adjusting the slider) will prompt for confirmation.
As described in UAC Feedback and Follow-Up:
"The first change was a bug fix and we actually have a couple of others similar to that—this is a beta still, even if many of us are running it full time. The second change is due directly to the feedback we’re seeing. This “inconsistency” in the model is exactly the path we’re taking. The way we‘re going to think about this that the UAC setting is something like a password, and to change your password you need to enter your old password."
I was not concerned about the second fix to Windows 7 because "Scotty is on Patrol" and would have advised me if something attempted to change the UAC setting on my computer. However, not all Windows users have WinPatrol watching over them (Hmmm, why not?) so I am glad that Microsoft listens.

Thank you, Windows 7 Team.

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