Thursday, November 20, 2008

Planning on Upgrading from XP to Windows 7?

I am sure a lot of people who decided to hold off on the upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista were now looking to waiting until 2009 when Windows 7 is RTM. As Ed Bott clearly explains in No upgrades from XP to Windows 7?

"If that’s your strategy, you probably need to be aware that, at least in the current not-a-beta release, upgrades from XP to Win7 are blocked. (I don’t know whether this restriction will be in the final edition as well, but I bet it is.) You can do a clean install only, with all your old Windows files going to a Windows.old directory and none of your files and settings transferred (you can, however, use Windows Easy Transfer to save settings first and restore them later).

So the compatibility issues you’re ignoring right now aren’t going to go away. If you have apps or hardware drivers that only work on XP and aren’t compatible with Vista, you’re going to have those same issues with Windows 7, which isn’t going to magically fix anything."

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