Saturday, November 15, 2008

AVG Causes More Problems

Hot on the heels of AVG detecting user32.dll (a core Windows component) as Trojan Horse PSW.Banker4.APSA, AVG slaps Trojan label on Adobe Flash.

I stopped including AVG when listing "free for personal use antivirus software" in March when Grisoft added the "Security Toolbar". The list is growing on why I continue to leave AVG off the list:

Granted, false/positives occur but after the crippling false detection of user32.dll I would have expected closer scrutiny. It certainly makes it appear that Grisoft doesn't test their updates on even a basic setup.

For the F/P of user32.dll, see the following entries on the AVG FAQ page:

1574: AVG 8.0 - False positive "user32.dll" (DB: 270.9.0/1777)
1575: AVG 8.0 - False positive "user32.dll" - fix tool

By the way, the following antivirus software programs are free for personal use.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too bad about AVG. IT were a really good product for many years.

In addition to your fine list, I would add two more:

AVG now uses too many system resources and seems to slow machines down, which other programs (like the two you mention) show is unnecessary.

AVG's detection rate is no longer competitive with the best AV products (like the two you mentioned).

Have fun, Corrine (and Go PSU and Bills!)

-Brian (AKA The Dean)