Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Google Chrome Beta Updated

Google Chrome Beta issued a security update -- in fact, if people who downloaded the beta browser didn't manually update, the update was automatically pushed and installed! From Beta release:
"Google Chrome version was released on 5 September 2008, and all users are being automatically updated. Automatic updates are a key security feature in helping to ensure the safety of Google Chrome users."
I know a lot of people who prefer to wait until a security update has been out for a few days before installing. This lack of control over what could be installed on my computer is yet one more reason why I do not intend to use the Google Chrome browser. Although I am prompt installing software security updates, it is my computer. Prior to installing, I review the updates and choose the time for installation.

Reminder: Beta software should never be used in a production environment. Although I have quoted SpyDie's definition of Beta before, but once again . . .

Beta as defined by SpyDie:
Software undergoes beta testing shortly before it's released.
Beta is Latin for 'still doesn't work.'

You can review the vulnerabilities and bugs reported fixed in the update to Google Chrome Beta at Beta release:

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TWC said...

Chrome also makes the hard drive run a lot. I hear a constant clicking of the HD all the time that I'm using Chrome. IE doesn't do that. Wonder if it will lead to premature HD failure. No Web Of Trust of SiteAdvisor for Chrome either. Feel naked doing a Google search without those.