Friday, September 19, 2008

Google Chrome Beta Update

Unfortunately, the Google Chrome home page does not provide any information regarding the development and changes to the beta browser. Although rather slow to provide update information for their own product, there is a Google-sponsored blog that provides announcements and release notes for the browser.

Beta was released September 17, but the update notice was not made until yesterday afternoon:
"Google Chrome version was released on 17 September 2008. Users will get automatic updates over the next few days.

Security Updates

  • [r2042] Fix a potential denial of service with very long title attributes on tags. The title attribute sets the tooltip text when you hover the mouse over an element.
    Security Rating: Low risk. This can lead to 100% CPU usage or a tab crash.
    More information:"
For some reason, Google does not consider changes such as " [r1927] Stop adding content from HTTPS sites to the searchable index" and " [r1978] Don't send sensitive URLs to search suggest services" as security updates but rather categorizes them in the list of "Other Changes".

Although the changes issued in this update are important for anyone using the beta product, if another vendor automatically pushed out software updates without providing the option to review, accept or reject the changes, the users of that software would be up in arms. Where is the uproar surrounding Google's manner of issuing and classifying updates?

Again, this reminder: Beta software should never be used in a production environment.

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