Friday, July 18, 2008

Windows Search 4 Coming Soon

As you may recall, I introduced you to Windows Talk Blog the other day. It was from James' post, Possible Vista 'Speed-up'?, that I was led to an article by Jeff Alexander and from there to a Microsoft description of Windows Search 4, which in turn led to a half-dozen short demos that show how you can get the most from Search in Windows Vista or Windows XP.

You get the picture, one good link always seems to lead to another. However, when I saw the reminder by the Microsoft Update Product Team today that Microsoft is planning to release Windows Search (KB 940157) via Windows Update late this month, I knew it was time to pull together all the resources I located after reading James's post for Security Garden readers (as well as my own future reference!)

According to the Microsoft Product Update Team, if you have Windows XP, Windows Search 4.0 will be an "Optional Update". Windows Search 4.0 will be shown as a "Recommended Update" for Windows Vista SP1. It is important to note that the installation of Windows Search 4.0 will involve a re-indexing of the data on the computer. See the details in Reminder - Windows Search 4 coming to WU soon...

To learn about Windows Search 4.0, refer to the collection of references below.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that it is an optional update for XP as I installed it a couple of weeks back on my XP machine and it became very unreliable as in BSOD on login despite allowing it to fully index I un-installed it and have been fine since
It must not like some thing I have running on my machine
Not had any similar problems with Vista since installing