Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kodak Unveils 50MP CCD Image Sensor

This is one of those occasions when I'll stray from security topics. Although, in a way, it fits in the garden theme, since Kodak could be considered part of my extended garden, having been a life-long employee.

Slashdot Link via Aaron: Kodak Unveils 50MP CCD Image Sensor
"Kodak has announced the world's first 50 million pixel CCD image sensor for professional photography (i.e., for medium-format cameras). Engineering-grade devices of the CCD, the KAF-50100, are currently available. Kodak plans to enter volume production in Q4 2008. "At 50 megapixels, the sensor captures digital images with unprecedented resolution and detail. For instance, with a 50 megapixel camera, in an aerial photo of a field 1.5 miles [about 2.5 km] across, you could detect an object about the size of a small notebook computer (1 foot by 1 foot)." Here's CNet's Crave blog with a few more technical details."

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