Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Windows Vista SP1 RC Available Now!

Microsoft made Windows Vista SP1 RC (Release Candidate) available for public download today. Since most of Security Garden readers are "home users", it is important that you understand up front that this awaited Service Pack is not final. Release Candidate means that it is out of Beta and almost ready for official release. For that reason, if you only have one computer or if the computer is a "production" machine, I advise holding off until the official release.

That said, for anyone who just cannot wait for the final release of SP1, it is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center, linked below. Before you go running off to the Download Center also understand that there are prerequisites required prior to installing SP1 (RC). The complete instructions at the Download Center can be summarized as follows:
  1. Uninstall any prior release versions of SP1.
  2. Install all pending Microsoft Updates identified as "Important".
    • Click Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Windows Update > “Check for Updates”.
    • Restart if prompted.
  3. Install KB935509, which is the first prerequisite update, and restart the computer.
    • If this update results in the presentation of additional Important updates, install those before moving on.
    • If you are presented with Ultimate Extras, right-click to hide those updates as unchecking will not let the remaining updates show up.
    • If no updates are presented after the previous computer restart, wait ten minutes and scan for updates again.
  4. Install Update for Windows KB937287 (no restart required).
  5. Check for updates again and install Update for Windows KB938371. Restart the computer.
  6. Finally, check for updates once again and install Windows Vista Service Pack 1, KB936330. (As before, if the update is not listed, rescan in another ten minutes.)
For those who would rather wait until SP1 is officially released, you will be presented with the prerequisite Updates for Windows during the course of normal Windows Updates. This will eliminate the numerous restarts faced with the RC install.

It is also worth noting that KB 943899 is not included in Windows Vista SP1 (RC). As described by Nick White in the Windows Vista Blog, this Windows Update
". . . is geared toward improving reliability and performance in Windows Vista and we highly encourage you to install it. It includes:
  • Improvement of previous issues affecting going into or resuming from sleep/hibernate under some scenarios
  • Update to address a previous issue with the disk spindown feature to improve battery life for portable systems
  • Up to 15% improved performance of disk I/O (i.e., copying/moving/deleting large files)"
I expect that there will be other additions to SP1 along the way before it is released in final form next month. Anyone who does install the RC will need to uninstall it prior to installing the final version of SP1.

Help is available for anyone who has issues after installing SP1 at the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) TechNet Forums.


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Dusty said...

Off topic, but could I bother you to answer a question about WinPatrol?

Most software of that type slows down the ol computer..does the free version of WinPatrol do that as well?

Thank you..I found your blog through the Blog Screamer. ;)

Corrine said...

Hi, Dusty.

I'm a fan of Dark Wrath and am proud that he includes Security Garden in his list of "Worthy Websites".

I am still on dial-up and have used WinPatrol since Win95. Its on my current Windows Vista machine. I have had absolutely no slow-downs from WinPatrol on any computer. It is not a memory hog. In fact, using WinPatrol to control excessive startup software will actually speed up your computer.

See the WinPatrol features here:

If you have more questions on WinPatrol (or other security software), stop by the PC Protection forum at Freedomlist: I'll certainly do what I can to assist.



Dusty said...

What a wonderful forum freedomlist is! Thank you So very much for turning me on to it Corrine, I appreciate it more than you know.

I use AVG and judging by freedomlist, its a good one to have.

I will d/l WinPatrol post haste!

Thanks again ;)