Sunday, December 09, 2007

Securing Microsoft: A Long Road

c|net's presented a three-part series examining how Microsoft's security strategy has evolved over the past decade. Ina Fried wrote a series in Binary Blog to complement the story. Enjoy.

Part 1 At software giant, pain gives rise to progress
Redmond's security practices have been transformed since threats like Slammer and Blaster first wormed their way onto the scene.
Binary Blog: Inside the war room
After years of having to scramble whenever an outbreak hit, Microsoft builds adjoining situation rooms to coordinate its response efforts.
Part 2 Inviting the hackers inside
Aiming to be more open, company reaches out to the security research community it once kept at a distance.
BinaryBlog: Off to the Limo Races
In what might seem an unlikely pairing, Microsoft employees and security researchers team up to go on a scavenger hunt through Seattle.
Part 3 Emerging security threats
Forget widespread worms. Nowadays, limited-scale threats like targeted e-mail attacks are causing the most concern.
BinaryBlog: Meet the bug hunters
One talks a mile a minute, another dresses like a bug. Meet some of the people who have helped lead a massive culture change at the company.

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