Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Setting Up a Home Network with Windows Vista

The day has finally arrived -- the kids have their own computer for school work, your spouse has a new laptop and you have a remodeled home office. As a result, you are ready to set up a home network. The problem is that you have no idea where to begin, let alone what is needed and how to make sure it is secure.

Microsoft has prepared a series of instructions that will go a long way in assisting you in getting the job done correctly, available from Windows Vista Help:
Should you need some extra assistance, Vista 4 Beginners has some additional tutorials that may come in handy:
While you're at Vista 4 Beginners, you may also want to learn How to setup a Bluetooth connection.

There is so much to learn, I suggest taking it one step at a time. Read all the instructions first, assemble the parts, read the instructions again and start slowly. If in doubt, read the instructions again. Good luck!

Edit 28Oct07:

After you have completed setting up your network, follow the instructions from the Vista Knowledgebase on how to create a Vista Network Map

Edit 01May08:

Added Joel Hruska's "The ABCs of securing your wireless network"as well as the earlier published Wireless Security Blackpaper. From Vista4Beginners are newly published tutorials on How to share a printer with other computers from your network, and How to install a network printer.

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