Sunday, October 07, 2007

Matouse Rates Jetico "Excellent" -- Again

Matouse released the latest leak-test results today. Once again Jetico Personal Firewall stays on top of the list with an Excellent rating.

Jetico offers a free version of their firewall for personal use as well as a pay version. In addition, Jetico Personal Firewall provides support for
Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 edition, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x64 edition, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 edition and Windows 2000.

Help is available at Smokey's Security Forum in the Official Jetico Inc. Personal Firewall Support Forums.

See the full results of the tests at Matouse, the news report copied below:
  • 2007-10-07: The following versions of firewalls have been tested:
    • Jetico Personal Firewall
    • Kaspersky Internet Security
    • Norton Internet Security 2008
    • Online Armor Personal Firewall
    • PC Tools Firewall Plus
    • ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.408.000

    Jetico Personal Firewall stays on its Excellent 9375 points.

    Kaspersky Internet Security scores 8475 points, which is 100 points more than its previously tested version, a Very good result.

    Norton Internet Security 2008 still catches no leak-tests on its default settings, but it has a better protection on its highest security settings. Its new score is 3600 points, which is still a Very poor result, but better than 3100 points of its previous version.

    Online Armor Personal Firewall made a big improvement. This version does not use user mode hooks to bypass leak-testing techniques any more and it also implements a new protection against some techniques that it did not cover before. The new version scores 9375 points, an Excellent anti-leak protection.

    PC Tools Firewall Plus is also an improved version with better anti-leak protection than its previous version. However, this version of PC Tools implements a lot of user mode hooks to fight some leak-tests and thus its protection is easy to bypass. Its score is 5825 points, a Poor anti-leak protection, but still much better than 2625 points of its older version.

    Finally, ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.408.000 is on its own with the same result as previously tested version, which means 8600 points and a Very good anti-leak protection.

Hat Tip, ren, Moderator @Smokey's.

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