Thursday, October 25, 2007

Microsoft Security Incident Report Available

Vinny Gullotto reported in the Microsoft Anti-Malware Team Blog that the January-June 2007 Security Incident Report is now available from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. Before you read Vinny's report, let me familiarize you with some of the acronyms:
  • FCS: Forefront Client Security
  • MMPC: Microsoft Malware Protection Center
  • MSRC: Microsoft Security Response Center
  • MSRT: Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
  • SIR: Security Incident Report
  • TwC: Trustworthy Computing
Changes have been made to the SIR, including new sections and a new look and feel. One statistic I found interesting is that 65% less "potentially unwanted software" and 60% less malware has been found on Windows Vista machines than Windows XP SP2.



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