Monday, July 23, 2007

Lavasoft Replaces CEO Ann-Christine Åkerlund

Although I thought that I had removed my name from the Lavasoft mail lists over a year ago, it seems that it didn't take. Perhaps the change announced below that I discovered in the email just received will help bring an end to some of the troubles Lavasoft has encountered the past few years.

For Immediate Release:

Lavasoft Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer

Gothenburg, Sweden (July 23, 2007)

Lavasoft AB today announced Jason King has been named as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Ann-Christine Åkerlund, current Chief Executive Officer of Lavasoft, is retiring from her position at the company. Ms. Åkerlund will remain a silent partner in the privately owned Lavasoft AB.

After six years of building the Ad-Aware brand, which now boasts over 250 million downloads worldwide, and company itself, which has grown to include 4,000 partners in 120 different countries, Ms. Åkerlund will be passing on the torch to a member of the company’s senior management team.

Mr. King, currently Lavasoft’s Director of Worldwide Sales, will assume full management responsibility for the company effective August 6, 2007.

“Jason King brings strong execution skills and an excellent track record at the company. I am confident that Jason will continue to uphold the Lavasoft mission and vision, and will lead the company to the next level,” said Ms. Åkerlund.

With the recent release of its new anti-spyware software version, Ad-Aware 2007, important opportunities lie ahead as Lavasoft develops the high-quality solutions that are needed to combat the changing threat landscape in today’s cyber world. Mr. King will focus on continuing Lavasoft’s leadership in the computer security industry.

“Lavasoft is known for its high standards of security products which protect the privacy and security of our customers. I look forward to building on the success of the company, as our products continue to grow and expand to take on today’s security challenges,” Mr. King said.

News Release

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like A-C is on the run. Back taxes are due to be paid to the Swedish tax authority in August.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corrine,
it must be really difficult to forget all these years of voluntary work you put in LS forums.
You assisted me, in September 2006 but a month later I dropped the free Ad-Aware.
Even a year ago when things must have been "chaotic" to put it mildly, you kept your cool and continued your work in the forum but let me ask you this, was all this trouble worth it? (Besides the sentimental part that is the satisfaction you got from helping people solve S/W problems)

Corrine said...

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

"it must be really difficult to forget all these years of voluntary work you put in LS forums."

Let's put it this way, I helped people with AAW, particularly Ad-Watch, because they needed help. Personally, the last time I scanned my computer with AAW was testing beta defs in 2004 -- not that it did much good since my machine was clean. The only thing my scans would help would be to identify f/p's.

As to forgetting, I have no regrets for the time spent helping. I learned a lot and met many wonderful people from all around the world. I still help on many forums, just not with Ad-Aware. The original volunteer "Team Lavasoft" is still together at LandzDown.

So, regrets? No, only sadness for what has come to what once was a decent software and the gullible people who still think it can help.