Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kodak EasyShare Printers Rule

While Kodak is cleaning up the rubble from the implosion of two buildings last weekend, the evolution continues. Like many employees, I am extending the July 4th holiday with vacation time. Time away from the office allows more time to indulge in catching up on various computer topics of interest. Interest today was piqued by the top story in the current issue of Windows Secrets which claims Epson's claims of cheaper ink are empty. After reading the report by Scott Dunn, I agree with his analysis that
"Epson's TÜV study didn't look at cost. The Kodak/QualityLogic data indicates that packing multiple colors into a single cartridge can result in a lower cost per printed page than single-color cartridges. Until other studies validate or dispute these findings, Epson's claims must be viewed with skepticism."
As I have written before, as a long-time employee, I am biased about "all things Kodak". However, I did purchase a Kodak EasyShare 5300 All In One (AIO) printer. A major incentive in making the purchase was the knowledge that the printer is Windows Vista compatible. I found the installation easy with no issues. More importantly, the printer is simple to operate and the quality is superb.

As you will see in the Windows Secrets article, linked below, the cost per page or photograph printed with a Kodak EasyShare printer is indeed less costly than the Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, or Lexmark. As Scott Dunn said:

"Kodak's multi-color modules do seem to offer significantly lower cost per page for each document type"
The consumer has to appreciate the low cost of replacement ink cartridges:
  • Black Ink Cartridge: $9.99
  • Color Ink Cartridge: $14.99
  • Economy (Both Black and Color): $21.99
Also of interest is the article, "The wicked price of print".


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