Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Scotty's on Patrol in My Garden!

As I wrote in "The Weed Barrier", WinPatrol is one of my favorite software programs. As you can see, Scotty is always on patrol in my garden.

BillP recently released WinPatrol 10. In this latest version of WinPatrol, Scotty can monitor hidden files in critical system areas. This "real-time" detection and elimination is particularly important with the increase in root-kits and new types of malware infiltration that target hidden files.

WinPatrol Plus now monitors even more non-tradition startup locations found in the registry. With WinPatrol Plus, license holders can disable unwanted programs including the Windows Genuine Advantage (For my comments on the WGA Notification tool, see "Garden Phone?".)

There are many more new features in WinPatrol 10. Learn more about the new and improved WinPatrol 10 features directly from BillP at Bits from Bill: WinPatrol 10.

To have Scotty on patrol in your garden, download the newest WinPatrol from

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