Sunday, July 09, 2006

Learning Garden Maintenance

Maintaining a garden can be hard work, requiring a variety of tools, soil amendments as well as insect and weed deterrants and that inevitable sweat factor. However, using the wrong product or using it incorrectly can severely damage your plants.

To solve your gardening problems, you can get books from the library, at garden stores and information online or, for more serious problems, hire a gardening specialist. When it comes to serious problems, it is the same with computers. As in gardening, there are a wide variety of tools available. However, misusing those tools can have the same disasterous result on your computer as using a vegetation killer on your lawn.

Free help is available for cleaning your computer of undesirable elements by specialists at ASAP Member Sites. If you like what you see at these sites and want to learn how you can help others, there are a number of "schools" providing this training. The most well known are Malware Removal University, SpywareInfo Bootcamp and TomCoyote Classroom. All are taught by highly experienced malware fighters. Although training is not "easy", it is self-paced and there are a lot of people to help you along.

If you are interested in joining the fight, you can apply at one of the training schools from the links below.

Malware Removal University
SpywareInfo Bootcamp
TomCoyote Classroom

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