Saturday, July 15, 2006

Garden Closures!

The Windows 98 and Windows Me gardens are now closed. As part of the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy, support ended for Windows 98 and Windows Me on July 11, 2006. By end of support, this means that both technical and public support as well as critical security updates for these products has ended. If you are still operating a computer with either of these operating systems, you will still be able to obtain answers to support questions at for at least another year. If it is within your means to update your operating system, you need to give it serious consideration.

Keeping in mind t
hat Microsoft had originally announced that end of support for Win98 and WinMe was to be in January 2004, the extra two and one-half years need to be considered as a bonus harvest.

The next scheduled garden closing is on October 10, 2006, for Windows XP SP1 and SP1a. Don't get caught without Service Pack 2. You can order SP2 on CD from Microsoft.

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