Tuesday, June 27, 2006

J-Mac, A Special Teen

No, this isn't about security. Rather, this is about an autistic teen whose coach gave him a chance to play in a basketball game and he made the most of it -- scoring 20 points in 4 under minutes. J-Mac (Jason McElwain) is an inspiration to autistic children and their families all over the world and, in that regard, is a hero.

J-Mac has been nominated for ESPY Award. Read J-Mac's story and see the video in "J-Mac to go up against Kobe Bryant Greece teen to compete against his NBA idol for an ESPY award" by Rochester Democrat and Chronicle writer Scot Pitoniac.

You can vote for J-Mac at http://espn.go.com/espy2006/index.html . Click on "Vote Now," and go to "Best Moment."

The best of luck to you, J-Mac. You are a winner regardless of the outcome of the ESPY nomination.

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