Sunday, June 25, 2006

Compost it!

To help get undetected files to the various spyware, malware, antivirus, and antitrojan vendors, we want to submit nasties to "all" vendors. If you run across an undetected security slug, here is the procedure to submit it for evaluation.

Please submit the files to "The SpyKiller" . Note: Registration is not needed to upload file(s).

A. Please start a new post of your own.
  • Click on "New Topic".
  • Use a descriptive title in the subject line.
  • In order to help the analysts and developers, please include a link to any thread you have in a help forum.

B. To upload the file(s):

  • If you have been provided the path to the file, copy/paste that in "Attach" box provided or
  • Click the "Browse" button at the bottom of the new post box, navigate to and select the file on your computer.

C. If you have more than one file
  • Press the "(more attachments)" option individually for each extra file, browse and select the individual file.
  • When all the files are listed in the windows click "Post" to upload the files.

D. There is a maximum size of 2 MB per file and 8 MB per post. If you have more than 10 files to upload, please zip the files and attach the zip file ( Create a Zipped File Archive ).

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