Saturday, June 24, 2006

About me . . .

My roots are at "Freedomlist" where I obtained my online start helping others. I am proud that Freedomlist was among the early sites to embrace the concept of ASAP (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals), where I serve as Secretary, ASAP Admin Council.

After the closing of the volunteer-supported Lavasoft forums, the former "Team Lavasoft" regrouped at "LandzDown Forum" (LzD). Our Motto,
"Stronger than the past, united in our goal"
illustrates our close ties. With my teammates at LzD, we provide assistance in a wide range of computer security areas.

In addition to Freedomlist and LzD, I am Administrator or Moderator at many other security forums and help as much as time permits. Included in the list are Scot's Newsletter Forum, SpyWare BeWare, Castle Cops, Gladiator Security Forum, Malware Removal, and many others, including a new endeavor at Malware Complaints.

I am still overwhelmed at having been awarded Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MS MVP), Windows Security in January, 2006. To be recogized in this way for doing what I enjoy; that is, helping others, is very special.

Professionally, I am a long-time employee in the Legal Department at Eastman Kodak Company where I was recently promoted to the position of Systems Analyst. In that capacity, I am providing systems support for specialized applications as well as continuing as Legal Webmaster and designing and maintaining Lotus Notes databases for the Legal Staff.

My husband and I have two grown children and two beautiful grandgirls, Natalie and Nicole.

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