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WinPatrol 2014 Updates

WinPatrol Scotty

WinPatrol developer, Bill Pytlovany, has been busy updating WinPatrol this past week.

On March 16, WinPatrol was updated to version 30.5.2014.0.  Today, WinPatrol was updated to version 30.5.2014.1 to fix errors with Delayed Start programs on x64 version of Windows. Affected programs originally set to run from HKey Local Machine registry.

As outlined at WinPatrol/upgrade, the fixes and changes included in version 30.5.2014.0 are as follows:

Check for Safe Updates

This feature was added to the PLUS tab/page.  In addition to checking for new versions of WinPatrol, it has been expanded to include version checks for a number of popular software packages. 

Clicking the button your version of popular software packages will be compared against the newest safe version available. If updating is recommended you'll see a safe link to the official download page for the software. 

The WinPatrol PLUS Safe Update Engine will also warn you about these threats and show you sample screen shots of what you might expect.
WinPatrol Check for Safe Updates 
This is the report I received when I clicked the Check for Safe Updates button:
Verify WinPatrol Version
    You have WinPatrol version: 30.5.2014.1:30.5.2014.1
    Newest version is :30.5.2014.1:30.5.2014.1
    You have the latest version of WinPatrol.

    Thank you for your support by upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS.
WinPatrol PLUS Version Safe Update Engine

   WinPatrol reports you are using Windows 7
   This is based on its internal version of 6.1.7601.

You have a 64 bit version of Windows.
When downloading software choose the x64 or 64 bit version.
You appear to have the latest version of Internet Explorer: 11.00.9600.16428
No security updates are required for this version.

Internet Explorer provides a No Tracking feature that we recommend. If you'd like more information on tracking Click Here
 Nice confirmation that I haven't missed something!

Restore Deleted Files

This feature was added following feedback by radio host Kim Komando.  As Bill explained, "In a recent article Kim recommended WinPatrol but strongly warned her audience about the dangers of using WinPatrol to delete files that may be required."

Now, in addition to the long-time feature provided in History that provides the ability to restore Start Up programs, Hidden Files can be restored:
"Hidden files will now be stored in a WinPatrol vault. We will also include a command line script that can be used to restore any files that were hidden. The command-line scripts are created in a worse-case scenario when a file is deleted which is required for Windows to run by Windows. The script or .bat file can be run in safe mode or a command-line mode."

PLUS Upgrade Discount for Windows XP

The new Safe Update engine will also detect which version of Windows you're running. If WinPatrol detects you are still running Windows XP, you'll see a link to a special Windows XP sale page. The name of this page will routinely change but it will have a PayPal button that allows you to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS for only $2.00 USD.

Dialog Format and Positioning

Improvements are continuing on positioning of components within a WinPatrol dialog screen.

WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, including x64 versions. Download WinPatrol 30.1.2014 now!

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