Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pale Moon Browser

Pale Moon

More and more people, unhappy with the Firefox Rapid Release process as well as changes that appear on the surface to be merely for the sake of change have switched to alternate browsers.  A popular choice is Pale Moon.

Pale Moon is not Firefox under another name, it is different.  The developer of Pale Moon does not incorporate changes merely for the sake of change.  In addition, not every feature included in Firefox applies to Pale Moon and is not included.  There are also Pale Moon specific tweaks.

One simple example of a change made to Firefox that was not incorporated in Pale Moon is the change to the search function so that the "find bar" is no longer shared between tabs (Firefox Version 25.0).  As a result of that change, when searching for text on multiple tabs, it became necessary to open the find bar (Ctrl+F) on each tab.  The Pale Moon developer recognized that change for the sake of change is unnecessary and did not incorporate it in Pale Moon.

Although all changes made to Firefox are not included in Pale Moon, security updates are always incorporated.  Pale Moon is currently based on the ESR 24 (Extended Service Release, "corporate" version).

As a long-time user of Firefox, I was happy to see the Profile Migration Tool.  All of my customizations were carried over and the add-ons I use all continued to work seamlessly.

The current version of Pale Moon is 24.4.0, updated March 10, 2014.


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Kat D. said...

Does the Pale Moon Browser come in 64-bit?

Corrine said...

Hi, Kat. Yes, there is a 64-bit version, although it is not required with a 64-bit OS.

Available here: Pale Moon - x64 builds