Sunday, August 19, 2012

WinPatrol PLUS or Family Pack 30% Discount Coupon

Friends and Security Garden readers know that WinPatrol is my favorite program.  The list of WinPatrol features below illustrate why I wouldn't surf without Scotty watching my back. 

My friend and fellow Microsoft MVP and WinPatrol developer, Bill Pytlovany, has created a special coupon for use by readers of my blog, Twitter followers, Facebook and forum friends.  The coupon provides a 30% discount on either the regularly priced single $29.95 WinPatrol PLUS license or the $49.95 Family Pack.

If you are new to WinPatrol or have been putting off investing in a WinPatrol PLUS license, the SecurityGarden 30% discount coupon will be good through the end of August.

For those not interested in the PLUS version, new users can download the free version of WinPatrol from

To take advantage of the SecurityGarden 30% discount coupon, follow the links below.

Credit Card OrdersClick Here and select the link for WinPatrol PLUS or the WinPatrol PLUS Super Family Pack.

PayPal OrdersClick Here and complete the portion for WinPatrol PLUS or the WinPatrol PLUS Super Family Pack.

Coupon Code:  SecurityGarden

WinPatrol Features

WinPatrol Free and WinPatrol PLUS:
• Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs
• Alerted to New Browser Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars
• Alerts to newly installed Window Services
• Alerts to creation of Scheduled Tasks
• Alerts and Locks Changes to File Type Associations
• Alerts to newly registered ActiveX components
• Alerts to changes in IE Home and Search pages
• Alerts you to changes in the Windows HOST File
• Lets you know if your Auto Update or UAC settings change
• Add/Remove and Review Auto-Start up Programs
• Automatically Disable Reoccurring Start up Programs
• Delay Auto-Start up programs for quick boot up
• Review and Remove unwanted Scheduled Tasks
• Remove Unwanted Browser Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars
• Review, Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks with a single click
• Review, Stop and Control Window Services
• Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies
• Review and Edit your Windows HOST File
• Review and Remove Hidden Files
• Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system
• Multiple System Report Options
• Advanced Examination of HIDDEN Registry Start up Keys
• Start Program Removed Detection

WinPatrol PLUS:
• Access to WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase (24/7)
• Real-time Infiltration Detection
• Increased PLUS Performance
• Automatically respond and/hide specific alerts.
• Review and Remove ActiveX components
• Custom Registry Monitoring and Reg Locking
• Access to WinPatrol Cloud results
• Uninstall Detection

WinPatrol PLUS includes:
• One Time fee includes free upgrade for ALL future WinPatrol versions.
• No Hidden or Reoccurring Subscription Fees.
• Single License valid on all your personal desktops and laptops!
• No Toolbars or other unwanted software
• WinPatrol PLUS is quicker and faster.

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Anonymous said...

Tried the WinPatrol 30% off and was told that coupon had expired even though this website said it was good through end of August

Corrine said...

Check the date. This was in 2012, not this year. :)