Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Windows Essentials 2012

Microsoft has released Windows Essentials 2012 which includes new versions of Movie Maker and Photo Gallery for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Details about the new features in Movie Maker and Photo Gallery are available in the Windows Experience Blog, Introducing the New Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.

Windows Essentials 2012 includes the new SkyDrive for Windows app as well as Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Family Safety, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Messenger, Outlook Connector Pack and Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive

If you install Windows Essentials 2012, it is important to note that if you have Windows Live Mesh installed, it will automatically be removed if you install the new Movie Maker or Photo Gallery. In its place Microsoft SkyDrive will be installed. Microsoft has specified that if the new Movie Maker and/or Photo Gallery in Windows Essentials 2012 are installed, you can not have Windows Live Mesh on the same PC.

In order to sync folders from the cloud to all of your PCs, it will then be necessary to install SkyDrive on all of your PCs or Macs. (Windows Live Mesh continues to be available from the Download Center: Windows Live Essentials.)

Know the Difference

The important thing to keep in mind is the one major difference between Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive. With SkyDrive, all files are "in the cloud". Unless you update to Windows Essentials 2012 and install the new Movie Maker and/or Photo Gallery, with Windows Live Mesh, you can also have files in the cloud but you can also avoid the cloud and just sync files across PCs/Mac.

Microsoft  has provided excellent step-by-step instructions for both Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive in the articles linked below.


Windows Live Mesh

Sky Drive

Download: Windows Essentials 2012 (Web install)

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