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Sysnative - What is it?


Sysnative is a term that has two meanings.  For those interested in the technical explanation, refer to the section on Sysnative in 64-Bit Windows operating systems below.

The other use of Sysnative, and the usage of interest to readers of Security Garden, is that it is the domain name for

What is special about  Let's find out.


At one time or another, most people who use the Windows operating system have experienced the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) -- until Windows 8, a strange blue screen filled with numbers and codes, completely incomprehensible to most everyone.

Granted, there are occasions where a shutdown/restart or evoking "Last Known Good Configuration" appear to have resolved whatever issue caused the BSOD.  More times than not, however, help is needed to trace the source of the problem.  This is where comes in to play. is the result of a vision of Microsoft MVP, John Griffith. John, known in forum communities as jcgriff2, specializes in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Kernel dump analysis.  John also enjoys a reputation as an expert Windows forensic troubleshooter, typically sought by Windows Vista and Windows 7 owners after all else has failed.

John developed an application for use by BSOD OPs known as the "jcgriff2 BSOD File Collection app". The output, including mini kernel memory dumps, is used by BSOD Analysts who assist computer users in tracking down the source of the BSODs plaguing their computers.

John also developed BSOD kernel dump file scripts that automate many of the mundane tasks performed by the Windbg GUI. The scripts allow the running of multiple BSOD kernel dump files vs. running dumps one-by-one with Windbg.  In addition, the scripts also incorporate a direct interface to the Driver Reference Table, known as DRT, created by former Microsoft MVP John Carrona for driver look-ups.

The contributions by many talented people who are involved in analyzing the data compiled by John's application have made the "jcgriff2 BSOD File Collection app" and the "jcgriff2/niemiro BSOD Dump Processing Scripts" the tools of choice for BSOD Kernel Dump Analysis.

Should you be faced with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, expert assistance is available from the many talented analysts at  Registration at the site is free, as is the help.  Follow the BSOD Posting Instructions and rest assured, help is on the way!

Wait, there is more!

That is correct.  Help isn't limited to BSOD crash analysis, debugging and error reports.  Getting Help with Windows Update/SFC is also very popular at Sysnative with people who have Windows Update issues.  Help and information are available from Microsoft MVPs, Windows Insider MVPs,, Microsoft MCCA's as well others knowledgeable in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Security, Programming, Networking, Graphics, and Games.

*Sysnative Logo

The logo for, displayed above, was created by a very talented graphic designer.  I have long been acquainted with the designs he has made for ASAP members and member sites and was very excited when he volunteered to create a logo for

Aside from the fantastic Sysnative logo, one of my favorite examples of this talented designer, known on various help forums as NJustice or N_J, is the artwork and website design for Amelia Eisenhauer, a talented young singer.

If you or someone you know are in the market for a custom design, I heartily recommend contacting Amazing Dezigns.

Sysnative in 64-Bit Windows 

The Sysnative alias was first seen with Windows Vista.  The Sysnative folder is used by a 32-bit application to access the native system folder instead of the %WinDir%\System32 folder.  In addition, WOW64 recognizes the Sysnative folder as a special alias.  As a result, the file system does not redirect access away from the Sysnative folder. This mechanism is flexible and easy to use and the Sysnative folder can be used to bypass file system redirection.

Additional information is available at MSDN in "File System Redirector". 

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