Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Good-bye Windows Live, Hello Microsoft Apps

When Windows Live was introduced in 2005, it took me a while to get accustomed to adding "Windows Live" to Hotmail, Windows Messenger, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and the other programs that eventually became Windows Live Essentials*.

With the changes announced today at the Building Windows 8, it is time to start getting adjusted to new terms.  After all, when logging on to Windows 8 with your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID, the apps will be immediately available with the information provided by cloud services. 

The chart below was provided at the Building Windows 8 blog showing the new breakdown of software and services.

Windows 8
Windows Phone
Web/HTML 5
API (dev.

Earlier Versions
Microsoft account
Microsoft account
Windows Live ID, Passport
SkyDrive app, SkyDrive Desktop
SkyDrive app, Office app
FolderShare, Live Mesh, Windows Live Mesh
Mail app
Mail app
Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express
Calendar app
Calendar app
Windows Live Mail, Windows Calendar
People app
People app
Windows Contacts
Messaging app
Messaging app
Integrated in Hotmail and SkyDrive
MSN Messenger
Photos/ Videos
Photos app, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker
Photos app, Camera Roll
REST, JSON (via SkyDrive)
Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker

Even if you aren't testing Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the links all work.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Check your calendar at or look up a contact at

See the Building Windows 8 blog for additional information about the rebranding of Windows Live as Microsoft Apps.  Detailed information has been promised in upcoming articles about Microsoft account, cloud services, SkyDrive, Hotmail, Messenger, as well the work Microsoft is doing with Skype.  

*Windows Live Essentials Applications

  • Windows Live Family Safety 
  • Windows Live Mail 
  • Windows Live Mesh 
  • Windows Live Messenger 
  • Windows Live Messenger Companion 
  • Windows Live Movie Maker 
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 
  • Windows Live Sign-in Assistant 
  • Windows Live Writer 
  • Bing Bar 
  • Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector 
  • Microsoft Silverlight 



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Kevin said...

Scott Lovegrove has posted an online petition to “Save Windows Live Writer”. [] Please sign it and spread the word!