Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.14 Critical Security Update

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.14 has been released to fix stability issues and address the following security vulnerabilities:

Fixed in Firefox 3.6.14
  • MFSA 2011-10 CSRF risk with plugins and 307 redirects
  • MFSA 2011-09 Crash caused by corrupted JPEG image
  • MFSA 2011-08 ParanoidFragmentSink allows javascript: URLs in chrome documents
  • MFSA 2011-07 Memory corruption during text run construction (Windows)
  • MFSA 2011-06 Use-after-free error using Web Workers
  • MFSA 2011-05 Buffer overflow in JavaScript atom map
  • MFSA 2011-04 Buffer overflow in JavaScript upvarMap
  • MFSA 2011-03 Use-after-free error in JSON.stringify
  • MFSA 2011-02 Recursive eval call causes confirm dialogs to evaluate to true
  • MFSA 2011-01 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:

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