Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Microsoft Office -- Free Training Materials

The Mouse Training Company is providing all of their Microsoft Office training manuals available to download for free. The files are in PDF format.

The Office 2010 materials are quick reference guides.  For Office 2007, in addition to the quick reference guides, the Mouse Training Company has additionally made their complete training manuals available for download.  Materials for earlier versions of MS Office area also available.

In checking the available materials, I downloaded the Word 2010 Quick Reference Card.  Although it is only two pages, the Quick Reference Card is packed with information and would be a handy tool to keep near your workspace. 

The complete training materials provide both mouse and keyboard instructions for completing tasks.  For example, the 158 page Word 2007 Advanced Training Manual, provides the following information on "Splitting a Table":

Splitting A Table
Sometimes you need to split a table between rows to add text in-between.
To split a table in two at the current cursor position:
i. Select the cell(s) you wish to split
ii. Go to the MERGE group on the LAYOUT ribbon and click the SPLIT TABLE button.
The PDF files are available for download from

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