Sunday, November 28, 2010

Command Prompt Series, 7Tutorials

I must apologize to Security Garden readers who use Windows 7.  I have neglected to provide a link to a site that I have been following for a long time.

I was reminded of this omission recently after following the excellent series of tutorials at 7tutorials on using the Command Prompt in Windows 7.  If you are not familiar with how to use the Command Prompt or would like to learn additional features, I recommend the illustrated tutorials listed below.

The primary reason I like 7tutorials is the care site owner, Ciprian Rusen, and the editorial staff take in preparing the information for publication.  This is exemplified in the site Mission Statement:

"Just like yourself, we are tired of encountering sites which publish bad tutorials that ruin your computer instead of fixing it. We are also tired of editors who write tutorials in a rush and miss some important steps, site owners who shamelessly rip-off other sites, or those who don't thoroughly test their solutions and don't answer all your questions.

Our team has one simple mission: provide complete tutorials for Windows 7. We want to offer quality, not quantity. You might see our site updating less often than others but that's because we will do our best to offer quality articles."

There is a wealth of information available at 7tutorials.  I encourage you to check it out.  This site definitely deserves to be in the Spotlight!

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Buffet said...

No one cares about Windows 7! Everyone with any sense uses XP.

Anonymous said...

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