Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Windows 7

Based on the numbers, Windows 7 is both highly acceptable and accepted both by consumers as well as companies.  The Windows Team Blog reports that more than 240 million licenses of Windows 7 have been sold.  

Another important milestone reported at the Springboard Series Blog is that over 88% of all companies are currently piloting Windows 7 in their organization.  Based on what I have seen in the workplace, once Windows 7 has been deployed in the workplace, the employees using it will want it at home as well.

The Springboard Series post included a very thoughtful thank you by Stephen Rose:
"We want to thank all of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), STEP members, Tech Bloggers, Newsletter readers, Tweeters, Bus Tour attendees, TechEd and TechDays attendees, journalists, our Talking About Windows and Virtual Roundtable participants, Forum participants and moderators, local and national user group members, and all the IT pros from around the world, who supported us and the Springboard Series on TechNet during this exciting launch year."
You are welcome, Stephen.  It is easy to support something you believe in.

Happy Birthday, Windows 7!


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