Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Accelerated Adobe Reader/Acrobat Security Update

Adobe issued an accelerated release to address twenty-three (23) critical security issues in in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. 

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 9.3.4 (and earlier versions) as well as Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 8.2.4 (and earlier versions) for Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX are all vulnerable to the security flaws.  The flaws, of which at least one is being actively exploited, could potentially allow a hacker to take control of users' computers.

Release date: October 5, 2010
Vulnerability identifier: APSB10-21
CVE numbers: CVE-2010-2883, CVE-2010-2884, CVE-2010-2887, CVE-2010-2888,
CVE-2010-2889, CVE-2010-2890, CVE-2010-3619, CVE-2010-3620, CVE-2010-3621,
CVE-2010-3622, CVE-2010-3623, CVE-2010-3624, CVE-2010-3625, CVE-2010-3626,
CVE-2010-3627, CVE-2010-3628, CVE-2010-3629, CVE-2010-3630, CVE-2010-3631,
CVE-2010-3632, CVE-2010-3656, CVE-2010-3657, CVE-2010-3658
Platform: All Platforms

Acrobat and Reader users can update to the latest version, v. 9.3.4, using the built-in updater, by clicking “Help” and then “Check for Updates.” The Adobe Reader update for Windows is available from here. As usual, the caution to UNCHECK the box shown below. It is not needed for the update!

McAfee Security Scan Plus
The next quarterly security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat are scheduled for February 8, 2011.


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