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Windows 7 Launch Events and Deals!

Windows 7 Launch Events

Finally the event that people from around the globe have been waiting – the Windows7_v_Thumbofficial launch of Windows 7! Live streaming video, event photos, video highlights and more will be available starting at 8 AM Pacific (11 AM Eastern) at PressPass where you can “Watch the New York City Windows 7 Launch Party LIVE”.

Live coverage will also be provided by WinPatrol developer and fellow Microsoft MVP, Bill Pytlovany. He will be joined by the PC Pitstop Pit Crew. Join them tomorrow at: “Live Coverage – Windows 7 Launch Event in NYC”.

Watch for Windows 7 Launch Party invites in your area or host your own Windows 7 Meetup!. Brandon LeBlanc provided additional details in the Windows 7 Team Blog: Windows 7’s Big Day Tomorrow + New Offers Announced!

7 Days of Windows 7

Win7_PC Microsoft worked with their partners to introduce a series of limited-time offers that will include deals on hardware, Microsoft worked with their partners to introduce a series of limited-time offers that will include deals on hardware, software, upgrades, support, and other options. Brandon reported at the Windows 7 Team Blog that new offers will be released daily. The deals will be available for the next 7 days on (site live tomorrow). The limited-time offers will also be available through participating retail and OEM partner sites.

Following are the Day 1 offers posted on the Windows Team Blog that will be included in Day 1:

  • Best Buy Bundle: HP Laptop, Desktop PC with monitor, Netbook, wireless router and set-up by Geek Squad for $1,199.
  • Dell: Save more than $100 on a Dell Studio XPS13
  • Gateway: All-in-one Acer Gateway ZX6800 23" for $880

Buy a PC - Get a Discounted Upgrade for another PC:

Buy a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate and purchase a discounted copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate to upgrade an existing Windows PC.

This offer will run through January 2nd, 2010 and be available in Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, U.S., Canada, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Australia.

Windows 7 Family Pack:

The Windows 7 Family Pack is also available today while supplies last. Customers can buy 3 licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium for one low price – for the U.S. it’s available for $149.99.

The Windows 7 Family Pack is available in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden.

Windows 7 Student Offer:
If you are a student (an .edu email address is required), you can upgrade to Windows 7 at the LOWEST PRICE offered, $29.99 in the U.S.

This offer runs through January 3rd, 2010 for US, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Mexico and UK and March 31st, 2010 for Australia.

See Microsoft Student for details.

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