Sunday, October 04, 2009

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month


Canada and the United States have set aside the month of October as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Where ever you may live, the tips provided by supporters of this endeavor are appropriate for all computer users.

To support the Cyber Security Awareness theme last year to "Protect Yourself Before You Connect Yourself", I scheduled a new "tip of the day" at Security Garden each day during October (Available in the Cyber Security label). Although it was a lot of fun, the theme this year is "Our Shared Responsibility".

With that in mind, where ever you may be, I challenge everyone who reads this to join in the endeavor – share the responsibility! As a home computer user or tech enthusiast, take responsibility for keeping yourself and your family safe online.

Cyber_FamilyA starting point is ensuring that your family computer(s) have basic protection. Some months ago, I wrote a popular tutorial, Basic Computer Security for the Home User. If you are a “beginner”, that is a good place to start.

After your computer is protected with the basics, it is time to consider that the Internet is a virtual world with potential dangers and . . .


Cyber_Mother_DaughterCyber_BrothersAs part of "Our Shared Responsibility", teach your children, grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews that “stranger danger” applies to the internet as well as on the street. This is especially important today with the wide usage of social networking sites by young adults. Be sure your children understand the importance of maintaining their privacy. If you are uncertain where or how to begin, Microsoft has published a number of articles, available from the Microsoft Family Safety webpage: Cyber_Mother_Son

For those members of your family who are mature enough to participate in social networking sites, additional guidance is available from the Microsoft Family Safety webpage:

Cyber_Father_DaughterParticularly for younger children, I suggest child care-givers use Windows Live Family Safety or Windows Vista Parental Controls to create age-appropriate filters for internet usage of the children in your care.

Additional information on Cyber Security Awareness Month is available at the following locations:

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