Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zune HD to Include OLED!

Until I saw the anticipated specifications for the upcoming new Zune device, I did not think all that much about it. Many people consider the incorporation of NVIDIA Tegra to power HD content exciting or that it includes a web browser.

As far as I am concerned, the ultimate clincher that will make the Zune HD a major hit is the OLED full touch screen. OLED is an amazing technology that will make using the Zune HD a pure delight.

From a Neowin Exclusive: Lets talk some Zune HD specs:
"An overview of the Zune HD specs:
16APR09 Edit Note: Neowin has struck the 120GB version from the list.

OLED Background

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Yash Maheshwari said...

Can't agree more. After using a Nokia N85 with OLED screen, i don't think i am going to use any other phone unless it has an OLED screen.

The screen itself will blow the iPod away, unless ofcourse we have iPod with OLEDs too.