Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Security Garden Visitor

What a day! Have you heard of mileage runs? The concept was new to me but I learned not long ago that people who travel frequently will use mileage runs to maximize their frequent flyer miles or other status associated with their account.

My friend Aaron Hulett works for Microsoft in Washington State but his family is in Michigan and, as his friends know, Cedar Point is in Ohio. There is no doubt that Aaron enjoys a challenge, which his recent series of mileage runs are evidence.

When I announced to my LandzDown Family that our staff unit was being eliminated and I would soon be retiring from Kodak, Aaron invited me to lunch! He worked out an incredible schedule that took him from SEA (Seattle Airport in Washington) across country with a connection that allowed a layover here.

Finally, after knowing Aaron since 2003 via a former security vendor association, following him through his summer internship at Microsoft, college graduation, relocation to Seattle and full-time employment at Microsoft, hours on end in IRC, today was the day!

Windblown from the after-lunch walk on the pier, here we are outside the Kodak Research Laboratories.

Thank you, Aaron. Your visit was very special. {{{HUGS}}}

Remember - "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
May the wind sing to you and the sun rise in your heart...


Roxanne said...

You've got cool friends!!

I know about Cedar Point. Took my kids there sometime in the early '90s. Is that where Aaron's parents live?

Corrine said...

Thanks, Roxie. Yes, I have very special friends.

Aaron's family lives in Michigan. He has friends from all over who enjoy trips to CP, particularly for Coaster Mania.

Barbara Kish said...

Corrine - you too are a special friend. I've enjoyed our time at Kodak together. NOW...it's time for a different view of the sunrises and sets! Enjoy your time away!


Corrine said...

Thank you, Barb.

The lights in LAS have been dimmed. It won't be long before they are extinguished and LAS is only a memory.