Monday, August 18, 2008

The Windows 7 Team

If you have ever wondered what it takes to create a Windows operating system, you will want to read the latest entry in the "E7Blog" (Engineering Windows 7) by Steve Sinofsky. Steve describes the Windows 7 engineering team as being made up of about 25 different feature teams, where each feature team encompasses ownership of a combination of architectural components and scenarios across Windows.

Breaking it down as he has provides a clearer picture of the pieces involved and the interaction between them, but is much too complex to capsulize. Read about The Windows 7 Team yourself.

Of interest to the international community -- note that Russian has been added to the list of available languages, making the blog now available in French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

If you missed my update last Friday, the RSS feeds have been added. You can sign up for subsequent postings using either RSS or Atom 1.0.

Update 19AUG08:

After reading Steve's breakdown of the feature teams, you may enjoy Ed Bott's arrangement of the feature teams into groups and his comments. See My Windows 7 wish list.

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