Monday, August 25, 2008

Ethics Over Dollars

Once again Bill Pytlovany chooses ethics over dollars. There will not be an Ask Toolbar included with WinPatrol.

The comment posted by "The Dean" to Bill's post, What's Wrong with Toolbars? provides a clear reason why the security community is so against pre-checked (opt-out) options when installing software. The vendors are relying on users blindly clicking Next -> Next -> Next -> Finish and wallah! Coins in their pocket for the installation.

The trend to include toolbars (or other, usually unrelated, software) when downloading any software is appalling. It is particularly offensive when the download in question is from a security company.

I had just finished Donna's entry, when I saw your update here. Did you notice the insanely long EULA for the Ask Toolbar? Who would download that, if they actually read the EULA? This is my favorite Term:

"5. Security
The Software is exposed to various security issues, and should be regarded as insecure. By accepting this Agreement, you indicate that you understand and acknowledge that by using the Software you may be subject to various security risks from third parties, including the exposure of data you have downloaded or have offered to share and unauthorized access to or acquisition or corruption of search results or other data organized or maintained on your computer by the software, and that you accept all such risk as solely your risk and responsibility."


-The Dean
If you skimmed the quoted section from the EULA, go back and read it again. Now you decide. Do you really want software that includes such extras? Like Bill, I suggest tracking the Installers Hall of Shame or at least checking it before installing software. If you have trouble with those long agreements when installing software, use Javacool Software's EULAlyzer™ 1.2 to help analyze the EULAs for interesting words and phrases.

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