Friday, March 21, 2008

WinPatrol Plus Easter Discount!

Easter greetings to all WinPatrol users! Bill Pytlovany is offering a $10.00 discount to anyone who upgrades to WinPatrol Plus this Easter weekend.

What advantages are there to WinPatrol Plus?
  • Complete access to the WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase

    Within WinPatrol, click the "PLUS Info..." button and connect to the WinPatrol online database for information on the program in question. Descriptions are in "plain speak" not "geek speak" and generally include links and program tips that might be useful. (Sample)
  • Real-time Infiltration Detection (R.I.D.)

    R.I.D. was developed by BillP Studios to provide immediate detection of newly installed programs. This technology allows real-time detection without impacting system performance.
  • Provide support for further development

    For a one-time subscription fee, provide support for the future of an exceptional software, compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows software from Windows 95 through and including Windows Vista.
Take advantage of the special $10.00 Easter weekend discount today. Click the Ukrainian Easter Egg image below to go to the BillP Studios Order Center. Use the Coupon Code Pysanky when placing your order.

Note to PayPal customers: Please send an e-mail to BillP Studios at and provide your license information to receive the $10 rebate.

Coupon Code: Pysanky

Coupon Code: Pysanky

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