Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sun Java SE Update 5 (And another Toolbar)

Sun Java has released Update 5 for Java SE. Although I do not have Java installed on my home computer, I have updated the widely used tutorial, SunFlowers and SunJava Update.

I learned from the owner of Montana that caution is needed if you don't want the Google toolbar version. The link that I provide is to Sun Microsystems' download link and apparently does not include the Google toolbar. However, the links from come with this extra (see Edit Comments below):

Image from Montana

Is it any wonder the download is now over 15 MB?

How much money is Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. paying vendors to include a toolbar? We know from Bill Pytlovany the revenue is significant -- enough that he would have been able to retire comfortably by the end of the year. If you've followed Bill any length of time, you now it would take a lot of money to reach that "comfortable stage".

See the topic at Montana

Edit Note 3/8/08:
As indicated in the comments to this blog posting, an update has been posted by evilfantasy in the topic at Montana Unfortunately, Blogger comments to not accommodate long URLs very well. To see the update: --> Update < --

Edit Note 3/11/08:
A friend sent me a link to an explanatory blog post that goes back to 2005 which discusses Sun's agreement with Google to include the Google tool bar with consumer Java SE downloads from

As indicated by Dave's comments posted , he has not been offered the tool bar, as I have heard others say as well. I have no explanation as to what the installer is finding on the machines where it is not offered and continue to encourage people to follow the offline installation only from Java SE Downloads. Along with that recommendation is the reminder to read the installation windows rather than blindly clicking Next, Next, Next.

Java SE and the Google Toolbar

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Anonymous said...

Corrine: I am confused. I installed Java but it is a different version. What is the difference between.
(JRE)1.6.0_05 for Java SE 6. and

I installed the second one is this correct or should I uninstall and install the first one.

Anonymous said...

Corrine; Thanks for the heads up. One thing, I installed it from both the Sun Java site and, but neither prompted me for the toolbar installation, nor did it install it. I tried both the off-line and online installs...what am I missing? Or did they take it out? If you have a link to the download that includes the toolbar could you post it?

Corrine said...

Hi, Cel. Update 5 is jre-6u5-windows-i586.p.exe so you have the right thing.

Dave, I don't have Java installed on my computer. At JeanInMontana's site, EvilFantasy posted that he got the pre-checked Google toolbar option from the download. (I downloaded the image from Jean's site, which is why credit was given.)

MSN Groups also posted the link and referenced needing to uncheck the Google toolbar offer. The link to MSN Groups won't reproduce in comments because it is too long but can be found at Jean's site (Montana The thread is linked in the original post here.

Kevin said...

Hi everyone.

I have updated the post at Montana Menagerie on how I got the prompt to install the toolbar. You have to pay attention to the link I am giving - - I'm not referring to the offline/online install page, just > Free Java Download > Download Now

If the toolbar is already installed you will not see the option to install it. If it isn't installed then the option shows as seen in the image.

If interested, here is the link to the post.

Corrine said...

Thank you, evilfantasy. Because Blogger comments don't facilitate long URLs, I've edited the original post to include a link to your update.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corrine,
I posted this on the digg site but wanted to post here also.

"evilfantasy: Just to follow up, I have read the thread and your last post over here:

I downloaded and installed the jxpiinstall.exe file from the link you provided (I had already done this before but did it again). I do not have ANY toolbars installed, as I said in my article I deplore them. I still get no prompt for the Google toolbar. So I'm not quite sure what's going on? Don't want to cause any trouble I'm just trying to get this clear."

Thanks for the update,

Corrine said...

Hi, Dave.

A friend sent this link to me which provide more information, most of all that the Google tool bar offer with Java is actually old:

I don't know the actual differences on why some are offered the Google tool bar and others are not.

Kevin said...

Hi Dave, I feel like I am the one causing trouble to be honest. I just updated the post at Montana Menagerie again. I was going to make a post in the Sun Java forums about this but found a few others posts with people complaining about the Google toolbar. One was over a year old so it looks like for some this isn't anything new. It is the first time I had been given the option myself.

Hope this helps.

Brian (AKA The Dean) said...

I have been installing Java and Adobe updates on many computers for some time. All I can tell you is, the pre-checked option for a toolbar (or other unrelated application) is a regular feature on these updates, and has been for a while, now.

But, they are not ALWAYS there. I can assure you that the pre-checked Google Toolbar WAS present in several of the installs of the latest update.

Anonymous said...

Hmm? Well that makes things about as clear as mud huh? Well, as Corrine posted in her last update on 3/11, either way anytime we install anything we should be checking what is coming along with it, or UNCHECKING it. Good practice since toolbars seem to be coming along with everything now, except WinPatrol, thanks Bill.