Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kodak Implodes Building 50

Earlier in the week I took my camera to work to catch a shot of Kodak Building 50 before it was imploded this morning. The picture below was taken from my office window. I annotated it to show the location of the former Building 9 that was imploded on June 30. In the distance is Kodak Office, about four miles south of this site.

Building 50 was built in 1918 and a source for the paper that so many Kodak memories have been printed on the past 89 years. Although I did not go to the "event", my husband and I  heard it from 4.5 miles away. The picture below of the dust cloud created as the 174,000 square foot Building 30 was becoming a memory was taken from the roof of the Research Laboratories. The complex was off limits this weekend to all but essential personnel and, obviously, the press.

Photograph by WILL YURMAN staff photographer,
Democrat and Chronicle.

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