Monday, January 16, 2023

Windows Insider MVP! #WIMVP

Windows Insider MVP Logo

Microsoft reorganized the MVP Program in October, 2015, changing the focus to Developers and IT Professionals.  As a result, Consumer MVPs were transitioned to the Windows group and, although I was re-awarded Microsoft MVP in 2016, I also received my first Windows Insider MVP award that year.  

I am proud to announce that, once again, I have been awarded Windows Insider  MVP! 

As described on the Windows Insider website,
"The Windows Insider Program is a community of millions of Windows' biggest fans who get to preview Windows features. While previewing Windows, Insiders can provide feedback and engage directly with Microsoft engineers to help shape the future of Windows."
The Windows Insider Program is critical to the development of the Windows operating system, testing changes, new features, and providing feedback.  For information on how to join the Windows Insider Program, see Getting started with the Windows Insider Program

Congratulations to all other re-awarded and newly awarded WIMVPs! 

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