Monday, May 08, 2017

False/Positives of WinPatrol wpsetup.exe and Access to Website

WinPatrol Scotty

Since the new release of WinPatrol Version 35.5.2017.8 was announced, there have been reports of the wpsetup.exe being detected as a trojan.  I reached out to Bret Lowry who gave me permission to share information about both the false/positives as well as problems reaching


Those are false positives; we have reported them to most of the manufacturers.
Many are due to BitDefender having a false positive.

All use BitDefender under the covers. You can tell by looking at the detection name in VirusTotal.
Symantec reports ALL new binaries as a potential threat until the manufacturer contacts them, that is how they are handling the flood of new malware. They’ve been doing that for years now but no one calls them out for it out of fear of the giant.

It is due to our using the InstallMate installer.
The installer is not infected. {emphasis added}

What would be super helpful would be a grass roots campaign demanding VirusTotal act responsibly by providing a link on their site for reporting false positives directly to the manufacturer in question.

Access to

There have also been reports of problems reaching the WinPatrol website.  Bret indicated that problem with the slowness is not due to problems at  Rather the issue is due to the Internet Backbone company Level3.  As can be seen from the following link to the Level3 Outage map, the problem with Level3 connectivity is widespread: I found access slow earlier today, I was able to get the update by launching WinPatrol and selecting "Check for Save Updates" from the PLUS tab.

You can find the unofficial WinPatrol forum at LandzDown here

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