Friday, January 27, 2017

Support quietman7 in Enigma vs Bleeping Computer Lawsuit

On January 5, 2016, Enigma Software Group filed a lawsuit against Bleeping Computer and "Does 1-10" for false advertising, defamation, and related claims based on a forum discussion topic which Enigma claims is a bad review.

The discussion topic in question was a request for a recommendation regarding spyhunter vs malwarebytes vs iobit by a forum member.  Rather than referring to the forum topic as a "review", it was better described by Trevor Pott in The Register as follows:

"Calling the post in question a "review" is being charitable. It is a collection of hyperlinks and statements that describe some users' problems with SpyHunter."

Since quietman7, a Moderator at Bleeping Computer, wrote his critical opinion of Spyhunter on Bleeping Computer's forum in answer to a question, he was included as a participant and witness in the litigation and could become an additional defendant at some point. As a result, quietman7 had to incur the expense of hiring his own attorney to represent him throughout the litigation process.

Because quietman7 is a volunteer and has no official affiliation with Bleeping Computer other than as a volunteer, the expense of obtaining his own legal representation and corresponding travel expenses, are not and cannot be covered by the thousands of dollars that have been donated to Bleeping Computer.

If you have received help at one of the many online forums, if you have provided help to others, and particularly if quietman7 has helped you, please consider a donation to help cover the legal fees and travel costs quietman7 has been incurring resulting from this lawsuit.

quietman7 Legal Fund

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