Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Microsoft Security Bulletin Release for April, 2016

Microsoft released thirteen (13) bulletins.  Six (6) bulletins are identified as Critical and the remaining eight (7) are rated Important in severity.  Of particular note is MS16-039 which is under active attack.

The updates address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps, Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync and Microsoft .NET Framework.

Information about the updates in KB 3147458 for Windows 10 is available at Windows 10 update history.

  • MS16-037 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (3148531)
  • MS16-038 Cumulative Security Update for Microsoft Edge (3148532)
  • MS16-039 Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component (3148522)                  
  • MS16-040 Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services (3148541)                  
  • MS16-042 Security Update for Microsoft Office (3148775)                  
  • MS16-050 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player in IE/Edge on Win8.1/10 (3154132)                
        • MS16-041 Security Update for .NET Framework (3148789)                  
        • MS16-044 Security Update for Windows OLE (3146706)
        • MS16-045 Security Update for Windows Hyper-V (3143118)                  
        • MS16-046 Security Update for Secondary Logon (3148538)                  
        • MS16-047 Security Update for SAM and LSAD Remote Protocols (3148527)
        • MS16-048 Security Update for CSRSS (3148528)
        • MS16-049 Security Update for HTTP.sys (3148795)

          Additional Update Notes

          • Adobe Flash Player -- For Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Version 1511, Adobe Flash Player is now a security bulletin rather than a security advisory and is included with the updates.
          • MSRT -- Microsoft released an updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool on Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Windows Server Update Services, and the Download Center. 
          • Windows 8.x and Windows 10 -- Non-security new features and improvements for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are included with the updates.
          • Windows 10 -- A summary of important product developments included in each update, with links to more details is available at Windows 10 Update History. The page will be regularly refreshed, as new updates are released.


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            Anonymous said...

            Dear Corrine, Is there a problem with downloading windows updates this month?
            My windows 7 system is checking for updates for hours and usually it takes a few minutes to get them. Sincerely, john

            Corrine said...

            Hi, John. Yes, I've seen reports elsewhere of there seeming to be a problem.

            Corrine said...

            BTW, make sure you have the most recent Windows Update Client installed, KB3138612: Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 2016.

            Anonymous said...

            Just an update that the windows updates are downloading but at random
            times. Two of my computers with windows 7 have the updates on and I have one to
            go. I also understand microsofts outlook for e-mails is not working properly either.
            I can not open pictures on them. Others can not receive or send emails.
            Thank you about Pale Moon for XP. I downloaded it, exported my stuff over
            from google chrome and it works perfectly. John

            Corrine said...

            The articles below may be of interest:

            It's time for Microsoft to fix the Windows 7 update slowdowns | InfoWorld

            Possible fix for the abysmally slow Windows 7 update scans? @ AskWoody

            Sticking with Windows 7? The forecast calls for pain | ZDNet

            Corrine said...

            John, you may also find this article helpful: Fix Windows Update Hangs or Slows Down on Windows 7.

            Anonymous said...

            Dear Corrine,
            I just went back to check all the updates i installed and the one
            update that will resolve the issue ( KB3145739 ) was downloaded and installed on
            my windows 7 computers automatically. It was one of the group of updates that I received through last monthly update. Hopefully I'll have no more problems.
            Once again thank you. John

            Corrine said...

            You're welcome, John. Someone else who was having the same problem told me that following Andre's instructions worked for him too.