Thursday, October 01, 2015

October -- Cyber Security Awareness Month

Each year additional organizations join in the effort to spread information on cyber security awareness.

The 2015 Cyber Security Awareness Month marks the fifth anniversary of the campaign

  Stop | Think | Connect

With that in mind, consider the following suggestions not only during Cyber Security Awareness month but every day:

Stop:  Before you click that formatted link in your email, search results or social media account, mouse over the link to ensure the URL matches the description.

Think:  Whether it is email, Facebook, Twitter, an online forum or other online media, instead of spouting off the first reply that comes to mind when you disagree, think before you click the send button.  Remember that your online reputation can follow you in "real life".

Connect:  When you connect to the Internet, ensure your device software as well as any apps or third-party software are up to date.

Cyber Security Awareness Month Resources

The United States isn't the only country supporting cyber security awareness.  Canada and the European Union are also involved in promoting cyber security awareness month.  Visit their sites along with the others listed.

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1 comment:

Bill Bright said...

Great advice Corrine. Being "click-happy" on unsolicited links, downloads, and attachments is exactly what the badguys are counting on. And the "socially engineered" methods they use are very clever and deceitful, making those links, downloads and attachments "appear" to be legitimate.

So "Stop | Think | Connect".