Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mozilla Firefox Version 40.0.3 Released with Security Updates

Mozilla sent Firefox Version 40.0.3 to the release channel.  The update includes one (1) critical and one (1) high security update.

Firefox ESR version has been updated to 38.2.1.

Fixed in Firefox 40.0.3

  • 2015-95 Add-on notification bypass through data URLs
  • 2015-94 Use-after-free when resizing canvas element during restyling 

What’s New

  • Changed -- Disable the asynchronous plugin initialization (1198590)
  • Fixed -- Fix a segmentation fault in the GStreamer support (GNU/Linux) (1145230)
  • Fixed -- Fix a startup crash when using DisplayLink (Windows Only) (1195844)
  • Fixed -- Fix a regression with some Japanese fonts used in the field (1194055)
  • Fixed -- On some sites, the selection in a select combox box using the mouse could be broken (1194733)
  • Fixed -- Some search partner codes were missing (1195683)


To get the update now, select "Help" from the Firefox menu at the upper left of the browser window, then pick "About Firefox."  Mac users need to select "About Firefox" from the Firefox menu. If you do not use the English language version, Fully Localized Versions are available for download.


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