Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-045 Re-released

Due to issues some customers had with KB 2982791, Microsoft pulled that update on August 15, 2014.  KB 2993651 has been released as a replacement.

Although the original update did not cause problems for me or for anyone in the forums where I spend time, there was considerable discussion on whether or not KB 2982791 should still be uninstalled.

As indicated in the Update FAQ of the revised bulletin on TechNet, Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-045, even if you have not had any problems, if you have KB 2982791 installed, it should be uninstalled.

How to Uninstall KB 2982791

  • Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update\View update history
  • Click "Installed Updates".  
  • Wait while the updates load.  If you have updates sorted by the Name column, you can find KB 2982791 at the bottom of the list.

MS14-045 Update FAQ

Following is a copy of the applicable information from Update FAQ:
Why was this bulletin revised on August 27, 2014? What happened to the original 2982791 security update?

To address known issues with security update 2982791, Microsoft rereleased MS14-045 to replace the 2982791 update with the 2993651 update for all supported releases of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft expired update 2982791 on August 15, 2014. All customers should apply the 2993651 update, which replaces the expired 2982791 update. Microsoft strongly recommends that customers who have not uninstalled the 2982791 update do so prior to applying the 2993651 update.{emphasis added}

I already successfully installed the original 2982791 security update and am not experiencing any difficulties. Should I apply the replacement update (2993651) released on August 27, 2014? 
Yes. All customers should apply the 2993651 update, which replaces the expired 2982791 update. Customers do not need to uninstall the expired 2982791 update before applying the 2993651 update; however, Microsoft strongly recommends it. Customers who do not remove the expired update will retain a listing for 2982791 under installed updates in Control Panel.

I uninstalled the original 2982791 security update. Should I apply the August 27, 2014 rereleased update (2993651)?

Yes. To be protected from CVE-2014-0318 and CVE-2014-1819, all customers should apply the rereleased update (2993651), which replaces the expired 2982791 update.
What if I experienced difficulties restarting my system after installing security update 2982791? 
Customers who experienced difficulties restarting their systems after installing security update 2982791 should no longer experience this problem after installing the replacement update (2993651). For more information about the problem with update 2982791, see the Known Issues section of Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2982791.

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Anonymous said...

Small typo : first mention of KB is "KB 298271" instead of "KB 2982791". Of course, no need to publish this comment :-)

Corrine said...

Published anyway. Thank you for catching my typo.

1776blues said...

I have KB 2982791 installed and have had no problems I'm aware of, no BSOD's for sure, and I have KB2993651 installed as well. So, should I uninstall 2982791 even if I have no problems?

1776blues said...

Sorry, just saw the answer in your post!