Monday, July 21, 2014

WinPatrol v32 Update

WinPatrol Scotty

As I have said, "WinPatrol is the first program I install on my computers.  I recommend WinPatrol to my friends and to people I have helped with malware removal.  I wouldn't think of surfing without Scotty covering my back."

After the last update to WinPatrol, that statement needs to be supplemented to include that WinPatrol users are extremely dedicated to Scotty and not only quick to point out any quirks but also ready to help resolve those quirks.

Prior to the WinPatrol update to version 32, a dedicated group of WinPatrol users provided information to Bret and Bill about issues they were experiencing with Delayed Start.  Although the version 32.0.2014 update partially addressed the issues, there continued to be a bit of a problem.

Bret and Bill followed the discussion closely and Bret quickly provided a diagnostic tool so volunteers could provide the information he and Bill needed to resolve the remaining issues.  The end result was the release of WinPatrol version 32.0.2014.5. 

From WinPatrol 2014 Upgrade Version 32.0.2014.5
"Thanks to the quick reports from our dedicated fans a new release is available that resolves some errors due to a change to a new default folder. Using a new tool from Ruiware for inspecting registry data and the cooperation of folks in the Landzdown Forum we tracked down some remaining failures in the Delayed Start program list.

Other reports from the first day of downloading indicated some files from the previous BillP Studios folder we not copied to the new folder as planned. In particular, the history.txt was not copied and is useful if a startup program needed to be restored.

Quoting* Bill at LandzDown:
"It's been a long day but I need to let everyone know how grateful I am for help, patience and guidance. The posts we've read along with Bret's tool to inspect the data has been critical in finding problems with the initial release of version 32 quickly.

You'll find a new version 32.0.2014.5 which has a number of changes that will stablize the Delayed Start list.
I also thought I had considered the impact of having a new default folder but some of our thoughts were not implemented. I can't say for sure if the new version will include everything we wanted for folks who have installed 32.0.2014.5 but for new downloads, it will correctly copy any previous data in the BillP folder to the Ruiware folder.
If you still have the BillP Studios folder, you can manually copy the history.txt file to the Ruiuware folder. If you noticed any subfolders copy those as well.

Special thanks to Corine and the Landzdown folks for convincing me this was the place to have a WinPatrol Forum.

Thanks again,
You can find the WinPatrol forum at LandzDown here: WinPatrol Help & Information.

*Minor typos corrected in quote.

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